Locally Crafted Flowers. Starting at Just $35. Free Bike Delivery

We know your love of local and organic foods, but did you know that 59% of cut flowers sold in Canada are imported? Do you want to support your local growers and reduce your footprint on the planet? Look for BC grown flowers in specialty grocery stores, use BC grown Postmark Flowers at your weddings and events and feel good sending 100% locally crafted Postmark bouquets to your loved ones. 

                                                                                 Local. Simple. Beautiful                                                                                                                        

Local & Sustainable Flowers

Local mean local!  100% of our blooms are sourced from local farmers. Sustainability is achieved by using only bikes or hybrid cars for deliveries.

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Ordering flowers online is quick and easy. We offer just one arrangement each day to simplify the ordering process and to drastically reduce waste.

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Our local burlap bundles are hand-crafted in our garden picked style, full of beautiful local blooms & wrapped in reused compostable burlap coffee sacs.

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Eco-Friendly DELIVERY

We use bikes and hybrid cars to deliver all across Greater Vancouver.  If it's on the map, we provide free bike-delivery there. If its not in the map, your flowers will get there in a fuel efficient hybrid delivery car.  Not sure?  Submit your postal code below to check.

Where do you want to send your flowers?

Not on the map, that's ok too.  Check out our delivery areas and super low delivery rates on our FAQ page.