Postmark Flowers was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a few crazy goals: offer affordable designer arrangements, empower local farmers, simplify sending flowers online and minimize the floral industries impact on the environment.

The mainstream floral and gift industries have many byproducts like pesticide pollution, dependence on plastics, underpaid labor, hazardous working conditions and excessive CO2 Emissions. 

We can minimize these negative effects by amending our practices to become sustainable ones.  For Postmark Flowers, sustainability means using methods that we can afford to duplicate without negatively affecting the environment and people around us. With a lot of creativity and research, we have been able to develop floral practices that allow us to do just that.


British Columbia has some of the best gardens, greenhouses and flower farmers on the planet, but if you thought that the flowers in the supermarket or your local florist – or indeed online- were grown here…think again. The majority of cut flowers sold in Canada are grown in Latin America, South America, and Africa, where exposure to highly toxic pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers and extremely low wages are serious issues for the workers.

Sadly, there are 15% less flower growers in Canada today than there were just five years ago.  We need to change that, and take back our Canadian floral agriculture.  100% of our flowers are grown in British Columbia.


Did you know that each year billions of plastic floral sleeves end up as litter?  At Postmark Flowers we do things a little differently.  Each of our bouquets is hand-wrapped in up-cycled burlap sacs donated from local roasters and fitted with a Eco Fresh Bouquet's floral hydration stem hydration pack to keep those blooms looking fresh until they get into a vase. 


At Postmark we select the most beautiful, seasonal and sustainable local flowers available and arrange them in our daily hand-tied bouquets.  By offering one arrangement each day, rather than the hundreds offered by the big guys, we are able to reduce our waste by 40%.  We pass these savings on to you by offering designer bouquets at affordable prices.


Ever wonder why flowers don’t seem to smell anymore?  We did,  and we found out that 55% of Canada’s imported flowers are from Colombia which is 6,760 Km away from Vancouver. Suppressed scent is a side effect of the powerful chemicals used to prep the flowers so that they are able to withstand being transported half-way around the world. We purchase 100% of our flowers within 400km of Vancouver.

We are proud to to say that whenever possible our Downtown Vancouver order are delivered by bicycle and deliveries outside of Downtown are delivered by hybrid or fuel efficient cars. Awesome right?