City Side Winery Event: McCafé Canada, A New Expresso Blend

This past week, I had the pleasure & challenge of creating floral designs for a coffee tasting event hosted by McCafé Canada at City Side Winery.  The venues dark and cosy vibe was the perfect place to taste warm yummy coffee and treats on a wet cold day.


After an extremely busy wedding season,  it was nice to take a few weeks off. It was equally as nice to get back to work creating these floral little gems.  


We were tasked with creating flower arrangements that could be placed in coffee beans, look fresh all day, photograph beautifully, while remaining simple enough to let the coffee steal the show.  I think we succeeded and the pitcures turned out great. Check out #anewwaytocafe on Instagram to see for yourself!


As a vegetarian and mother of two gluten free children,  I don't often visit McCafé, but as a coffee lover,  I can say these beans smelled amazing!  


East Side Winery was a great venue.  It was the first time that I had ever been to the space and I was struck by what a great location it would be for a laid back winter wedding reception. It was full of rustic dark woods and warm wool carpets and oh so cozy and romantic.

East Side Winery  -   328 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver

East Side Winery328 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Over all it was a super fun day and I was really excited to be involved!  Plus, I'm not going to lie, it was a little exciting searching the hashtag #anewwaytocafe and seeing my little flower companies designs promoting one of the most well know brands on the planet.