Museum of Anthropology Wedding: Kathleen + Andrew

I just adored Kathleen the first time we chatted.  She is bubbly and cheerful and I knew right away the I wanted to work with her. She described her wedding colours as Royal blue & Sunset with a west coast theme. For inspiration she send us an image of a sunset.  It was this concept of a sunset that set the design for the florals.


The bride looked gorgeous in her white dress, and her 4 bridesmaids looked exquisite in coral and blush dresses. The guys looked just as handsome in grey suits and the flower girl was just adorable.


The bridal bouquet design to flow like the colours of a sunset and to draw your eyes from one side across to the other.


The bridal bouquets were placed in vases and doubled as head table decor along with lanterns on wooden rounds and little vases with flowers.


The centrepieces and room decor was simple and lovely with lanterns on wooden rounds and little vases with flowers. The flowers we a combination of DIY buckets that we provided and flowers from a guests gardens.  The wedding party created the DIY centrepieces.


Thank you Kathleen + Andrew, for selecting Postmark Flowers and we wish you a wonderful marriage!

Venue: Museum of Anthropology, 6393 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

Photos courtesy:  Kevin Jacob

If you are interested in Museum of Anthropology at UBC as your wedding venue or any locations in Metro Vancouver and have us as your floral designer, we would love to hear from you! Also, we are currently booking for next year and we have some dates still remaining for this year. Please contact us through our online form or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!